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Sarah and Carlos Wedding

This was the first wedding video I’ve done flying solo, meaning without the help of my extremely talented husband. I’m just lucky that Sarah and Carlos agreed to let me share their special day. It was a beautiful wedding, and they are a fabulous couple. Love you Sar and I wish both you and Carlos the happiest of marriages!


dear husband of two months…


Dear husband of two months,

I used to think once we got married, I would have so much to adjust to. All of a sudden, I’d have to take care of another person besides myself. And it wasn’t just any person. It was a living, breathing, eating, farting man

After two months of being married, I’m starting to realize the truth.

Yes, it’s been a big adjustment for me. Cleaning up for not only myself, but for another incredibly messy person (sorry babe but it’s the truth,) dealing with the “what to make for lunch…what to make for dinner…” question every single day, pretending like I know how the heck to do laundry (is it cold or warm for whites???) and keeping track of what and where you put everything. (I can’t even tell you how many times a day I hear, “hey babe, did you see where I put…fill in the blank…”) I didn’t realize I had such an accurate “thing locator” inside my mind until I married you.

But, I’m slowly realizing marriage is probably an even bigger adjustment for you…I mean, you have to wake up to this face every morning.


And suddenly, you’re living with a walking, breathing clock. “Hey you better get up, you’ll be late.” “Babe, I told you I’d have dinner at 6, where are you?” “When was the last time you washed those pants?” “How long is your shower going to take, I need to get ready.” etc, etc.

All of a sudden you have to deal with someone doing your laundry all the time when according to you, “you don’t have to wash pants. Ever.”

And then there’s the eating thing.

I’ll admit, sometimes I eat like a rabbit. My staple foods include fruit, vegetables, nuts, fruit and fruit. You poor thing, you’re probably wondering why the candy jar in our kitchen is full of almonds…

Bottom line is, marriage takes work from both of us. It takes patience and compromise. It takes a lot of adjusting and fidgeting and ironing out the nit-picky little details of our individual lives so we have room to accommodate each other and start a new life together.

Now, I know I need a lot of work. I know I hog the bed and tuck in the sheets. I know I eat all the honey bunches out of the cereal box. I know my un-explainable energy at 7 a.m. annoys you. So thanks for putting up with me.

Thanks for seeing me on my worst  days and telling me I’m beautiful.

Thanks for opening my door and working so hard to take care of me.

Thanks for dealing with my snappy comments when I’m in a bad mood.

Thanks for laughing with me and for holding me when I cry…(on those very rare occasions…)

Thanks for being a goof with me.

Thanks for going on adventures with me.

Thanks for loving me like no one ever has.


Even though the road may sometimes be bumpy, I want you to know I’ll be here. I won’t give up.

Thanks for being my hubby. I love yer guts.

Love, your wife.