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Santa Claus comes in April

There are good people in this world after all. Really. Good. People.

This past weekend, I went down to my parents house (that seems weird to say. I still think of it as my house…) for some wedding showers, bachelorette parties and wedding-dress fittings. Saturday morning I woke up to an absolutely gorgeous day. And an absolutely gorgeous surprise. There were little red and purple flowers planted all over the front yard.

They hadn’t been there the night before when we all went to bed.


My parents have been working non-stop to turn the yard into a wedding venue for Patrick and me.

I guess someone decided to help. In the middle of the night, they had come and planted the flowers without any of us noticing. They must belong to a ninja-clan. My mom usually wakes up if you flick a piece of salt onto the kitchen counter at the opposite side of the house. (Which is really an inconvenience when you’re trying to sneak out in high school…but that’s another story.)


The flowers are beautiful. The message they send is even more beautiful. It’s moments like this that prove to me the world’s not all bad.