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Hello there! So, my name is Sarah and I’m a lover of LIFE, adventures, cilantro and the mountains. I wake up in the mornings to Lady Antebellum or Eli Young Band blaring from my alarm clock…yes, I know. Country music.

I love the outdoors, exercise, traveling, healthy cooking, my new husband and anything that includes the words ice cream in it. (Ironic really that I mentioned my love for healthy cooking and ice cream in the same sentence.)  I’m an aspiring journalist and photographer, and I hope to make a mark on this world for the better.


This is me on the left with my adorable sis Katie on the right. Let’s call her Kagnis.

Check out this video I made…It’ll help you get to know me a little bit better.

11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. You’re living my dream. Seriously. I just ordered a 8×12 trailer from TinyHomeBuilders.com and I have another 5k in savings. I even live off Creek Rd in Cottonwood Heights. (not too far). How in the world did you find a place to put your Tiny House in Little? So inspired.

    1. Hey Daniel!

      That’s awesome that you’re planning to build a tiny home! It’s hard work but so rewarding. My husband’s parents have an empty lot up Little Cottonwood Canyon, so we lucked out with finding an awesome spot for it. If you’re looking for somewhere to park yours once it’s built, maybe check out http://www.tinyhousemap.com. It’s basically a forum where you can talk to other tiny home builders/owners. I’ve seen people on there asking if anyone knows of land to park their trailers on. Good luck with your tiny home!

  2. Hi Sara, I’ve been following the tiny home concept for a long time. Its great that you, your dad and husband embraced it so well..I’m working on getting my wife to agree to down size…with 2 kids probably not going to happen for a long time.

    Anyway i was wondering

    1. if you have the plan you used for the house ? would you share it ?
    2. how much time did you spend on it ? all 3 of you ? labor hours ?
    3. how much did the house cost ? all in ?

    let us all know…:-) Thank you

    1. Shamil, We actually didn’t have plans made for the tiny home. My dad has extensive experience building custom homes, so besides some rough sketches we didn’t have any official plans made. We spent a summer building it. I would say about three months. The tiny home cost about $25,000 to build, however we were able to use a lot of refurbished and reclaimed materials and appliances, so that cut the costs drastically. If we’d bought all materials, the trailer and appliances outright, it would have increased the price quite a bit. Hope this answers your questions! Cheers!

  3. Hey Sarah! So I promise I’m not a stalker! I saw in Tinyhouselistings.com that you were selling your TH? Is this true? My husband and I love it and would love to get some more info about it!

  4. Hi Sarah!

    I’m Lucía from SFG Media Group. We own several media properties including tinyhometour.com and other content websites.

    We periodically will feature homes on our website, paired with a review or commentary on the design and interior, and would like to feature your tiny house (https://tiffanyblueyes.wordpress.com/2014/11/04/the-tiny-home-is-finally-home/) in our home tour articles on content websites by our company, including tinyhometour.com

    We won’t be able to offer monetary compensation for the photos, but we have over 450,000 fans on our fan page (https://www.facebook.com/Tiny-Home-Tours-667589370011248/) and we can offer you exposure to our audience by linking back to https://tiffanyblueyes.wordpress.com/2014/11/04/the-tiny-home-is-finally-home/ and driving potential customers to your website.

    If this is okay, please let me know how you would like to be credited.

    SFG Media Group

    1. Lucia,
      Thanks for reaching out to me! You’re welcome to feature my article on your site, I’m honored that you’d want to! As for crediting, TiffanyBlueEyes is just a fun on-the-side thing I do, so I don’t really care about traffic. However, I do have a food blog that I’m trying to grow. If it’s not too irrelevant, I’d love for you to link that. Maybe just something like: Article by Sarah Romero, who blogs about lifestyle here (link tiny home article) and food here (link http://www.kiwiandcarrot.com). If you’re uncomfortable with this, just link back to the tiny home article only. Thanks again for reaching out! Let me know if you have any questions about the tiny home.

  5. Hi Sarah, Hope you’re well! I’m a freelance journalist based in the UK and I’m working on a piece for a client about tiny homes. I’ve come across your tiny home and would absolutely love to have a very brief chat with you about how you made it work. Would that be something you may be interested in? I could include details of your blog (whichever you’d prefer).

  6. Hi loving your bog. First founded on Facebook with your husband and your tiny house. I actually have a question about the roof. Where did you get those cool pyramid windows. I am also building a tiny house except it is 12 by 44. And it is too big to take on the road. So I’m going to start building a smaller one and live in the 12 by 44 on my hundred and ten acres in Northern Ontario on a lake. It is beautiful property. If you could send me some info on the pyramid windows I would love it at bevpelletier@yahoo.com. Thank you for your inspiration

    1. Hi Bev! So cool that you’re building a tiny house! Your location sounds amazing. We actually got the skylight windows from one of my dad’s clients. He’s a general contractor and they tore those out of someone’s home. So I’m not sure where they came from originally! So sorry I can’t be of more help. But I will warn you that we really regretted doing the skylights. They were so beautiful, but we ended up covering them up all, because it was too inefficient to try and keep the house warm/cool with them on.

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