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A letter to my doctor…

Dear Endocrinologist who has been practicing for 30+ years…

Remember me? I’m the girl who came in trying to recover from Hypothalamic Amenorrhea. You told me to stop gaining weight, keep exercising and start taking steroids to lower my very elevated stress hormones (DHEA-S) and to take thyroid medication for my sluggish thyroid.

Well guess what? I gained 20 lbs., cut out all exercise and got my period back. Just found out today that my DHEA-S is in a NORMAL RANGE NOW and my thyroid is working again. All COMPLETELY naturally. No steroids or medication needed. 

A recovering HA warrior who is SO FED UP with doctors.

P.S. Doctors are great. They just need to educate themselves on HA.

These words have been screaming through my head these past few months. Countless women are struggling with Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (HA), and most are not being treated properly.

It is an epidemic.

But doctors don’t know how to handle HA. I don’t just say this from my own experience, but from the experience of hundreds of women who haven’t received proper instruction and care from their healthcare providers in regards to HA recovery. This needs to change! That’s why I’m putting my very personal story out there to be judged by the world. I just hope to be one stepping stone in the pathway to HA awareness.

So as an update for anyone who’s curious…

After posting¬†“Fitness made me Infertile,” I got my period back two weeks later. First natural one in about 10 years! 40 days later I got a second period, and I’m waiting on the third.

So, for anyone out there struggling with what I’ve gone through, you can take encouragement from my experience (along with hundreds of other HA recoverees…)


(This photo is how excited I feel about it…)


Trust the recovery process. The doctors may advise against it. Time and time again, women have been sent home with a prescription for this med, or that supplement; merely band-aids that will cover up the problem.

You are not healed until you address the root cause. So what is the root cause?

Too much stress. Too many six-pack abs. Too much restriction, too much exercise. Not enough food, not enough rest, not enough love for yourself and your body.

So there you have it. All the answers. Until doctors become more educated on HA, you may have to take your health into your own hands…

But you can do it.

I did it, so we can do it together! I’ve had a lot of HA warriors follow this blog since my last post, so if you’re one of them and you need a friend through this process, please reach out. I want to help you through it! We will do it together.


P.S. If you’ve recovered from HA and would be willing to take this survey, I would really appreciate it! The survey was created by the author of “No Period Now What?” to study the effects of exercise on recovery.