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Peru Take 2

Soroche_combo from Romero Media on Vimeo.

Welp, this post is a year and a half overdue. However, I wanted to document our trip to Peru (second time back!) because it was an amazing few weeks that deserve to be remembered.

This post won’t be as detailed as my usual travel recap because it’s been over a year since we returned…I have all the details written down in my journal, but I wanted to throw a bit of content up here just to post my fave pics and get the itch out of me. I’ve been wanting to post about this trip since we returned, but, LIFE.


Pat and I have made the decision to not return to the same place more than once (for now at least) because the world is too big to spend our money seeing the same sights over and over.

However, we made an exception this time, because a company hired us to film a video for them in Peru. To read about our last trip to Peru, check out this post and this post.

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 9.39.18 AM

We spent a week before the trek and video shoot exploring Cusco and the Sacred Valley with my parents. We stayed in the town of Urubamba at a GORGEOUS resort. Traveling with my parents is a vastly different experience than traveling as poor, cheap, newly weds. (Three years is still newly wed, right? We’ll ride that excuse as long as possible).


They’re adorable. (My parents, I mean. Not the guinea pigs…Although I guess they’re a little bit cute too.) Let’s just not talk about why the guinea pigs are in that cage. (Insert sad/disgusted face because we tried them and they really don’t taste good).


Highlights of that week included:

  • Buying giant Andean corn and cheese from the little ladies on the street.

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 9.55.03 PM

  • Shopping the markets and interacting with the locals.


  • Getting the real authentic experience by hiring a local to drive us around the Sacred Valley. We may or may not have gotten her van stuck in the mud. Also, COWS IN THE ROAD. (That’s my husband who ditched the van in an attempt to clear the road. It was hilarious and took much longer than you’d think to move ONE measly cow out of the way. Cows are strong and scary.)


  • Getting some custom-made Peruvian boots!


  • Watching Patrick impress the littles with his “magic” tricks. So cute.


Hiking the ruins with my parents and just spending time with them exploring that beautiful country is a memory I’ll always cherish. They’re amazing parents and the most generous humans you’ll ever meet. THANK YOU Lurd and Papa D!

They flew back to Utah, and the second half of our trip was spent at an incredible mountain lodge…Llanganuco Lodge. The owner, Charlie, spoiled us with delicious food and fire-lit bedrooms. Our dream-team crew (Jess, Shaun and Taylor) joined us there, and we spent the next week or so trekking, filming and having an AMAZING time.


We did the Santa Cruz Trek, which was 4 days long. We reached an altitude of 15,000 feet! Woof. That does weird things to your body.

But, we all finished the trek in one piece and have a fun video to show for it. (See video at top of page). I’m not writing a lot about the trek because I figure the video is a better recap anyways. Gotta love that movie magic.


But most of all, gotta love PERU.

P.S. If anyone is planning a trip to Peru and has specific questions, feel free to contact me!