Recently I had the opportunity to travel through Canada with my family. We drove through Glacier Park in Montana, then rented an RV in Calgary and spent the week exploring two of Canada’s beautiful national parks–Jasper and Banff. WOW I may have to move to Canada. The landscape is absolutely stunning.

Here’s a quick video I put together that pretty much sums up our 10 days living in McNeil (our RV).

If you want to see additional photos, feel free to scroll through…

Our first stop was Glacier National Park, where we took a pretty hike and ran into a few mountain goats!



After A LOT of hours in the car, we made it to Canada!


We made our way to Banff and enjoyed some delicious Weiners and Waffles in Waterton (a.k.a. Weinterton), which was the cutest little town with beautiful mountain lakes.

dock2 hugss

We met up with some of our favorite people for dinner and s’mores!


Our next stop was Jasper. It was probably my favorite place we visited because the mountains/lakes/hikes,etc. were unearthly beautiful. Like is that water real life?

Yes, it actually is. I would have thought it was photoshopped if I hadn’t seen it in person.

views3 fam

A highlight of the trip was the Via Ferrata we did on our way to Jasper. There were some incredible views from the top…


Everywhere we went, we saw something that didn’t seem to be real. Whether it was florescent-green algae, turquoise lakes or bright yellow pine needles…

trees lookingglass  docksit mountains  sun  beauty        flower smile toes

It was so fun to spend time with my whole family in Canada.The Canadian people are very hospitable, and the landscape is truly breathtaking. This trip was a dream come true for me, because we spent most of the time hiking, which I absolutely loved. Canada, you may need to accept me as a citizen sometime soon.

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