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the tiny home is finally home.


The day has finally come.

This weekend our tiny home made its migration up Little Cottonwood Canyon! It was kind of terrifying to be honest, hauling that thing up the canyon road. Turns out tiny homes barely make it under power lines. Let’s just say we got some weird looks from passing joggers…


But we made it in one piece! No broken windows, cracked tile or popped tires. Hooray for miracles 😉

In case you haven’t been following our lil Tiny Home’s story, check out this post and this post for some background. It’s been a long journey. I’ve learned A LOT about power tools (not sure if that’s a good thing haha) and spent too much time in the HD Lounge. It’s been an incredible experience to build this thing from the ground up with my dad and my husband (a.k.a. Papa D. and Vitamin P). Power team right there.

We built it with the intention of renting it out on Air B and B. Check it out on the website! OK, OK. Enough talk. Let’s move on to the good stuff. PICTURES. This post will mainly be photos. Lots and lots of photos. I hope you’re ready for this, cause for us, it’s been a long time coming…

My mom, sister-in-law Beth, and I were given the job of holding trees out of the road so the tiny home could fit through. Not as easy as you’d think…rocks

Once the tiny home was in its spot, we had to get the skylights back on. (We took them off for traveling).

on the roof

The view of the outside once the deck was up…(as you can see, the deck is still a work in progress, but we’re getting there).




Our tiny home, nestled into its new home. Adorbs.


This is the view from the back corner. The front section is a bathroom, you sleep up top and the little kitchen includes a mini fridge, stove, oven and microwave.


I wanted everything white, white, white. Then I decorated by adding pops of bright colors here and there. We’re still working on getting some colorful curtains up, but you get the idea.




Here’s what the back looks like. That table in the left corner folds down if you want more space…


And the couch folds out into a bed, so our tiny home sleeps at least four people comfortably.



The bathroom. Check out that tile job…shout out to Lisa Romero! We make quite the tiling team. 🙂

10 9



The nook.


bathroom decor

1 2

This is the loft. If you’re a 5’4” midget like myself, you can stand up completely in the middle of the skylights.

That ladder is pretty dang steep, and you have to watch your head when you’re crawling around up there. The sleeping arrangement is really not convenient when you have to pee in the night…I got up in the middle of the night and bonked my head soooo hard on the edge of the ceiling. It floored me for a few seconds. But let’s be real…the bumped head was worth it! I mean, who wouldn’t want to sleep in a cozy loft while looking out of skylights at beautiful canyon walls? GORGEOUS VIEWS.





This is the road you take to get up to the tiny home…it’s right behind the Romero’s house.


I really can’t believe it’s finished. All our hard work paid off, and it feels amazing to have built something like this, basically by ourselves! (Well, with MUCH help from Papa D.) We’re renting it out to skiers this winter, but who knows, in the summer we may just have to move in! I feel like this thing is my child. 🙂


Long live the Tiny Home.