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homeless in logan

punkin carving

I think this fall has been my favorite one yet. Whoaaa. Bold claim, right? But, I really think it deserves that title. Maybe it’s the fact that Pat and I are kind of homeless, which has made the past month or so a constant adventure.

Do we live on the street wrapped in garbage bags? No. But yes, we’re technically homeless. I started school in August, while Pat was still in San Clemente finishing his summer job at Powder Magazine. For that loooong five weeks, I lived with one of my bestie westie friends, Sarah Nielson. We had some serious fun. FLASHBACK to freshman year woot woot! 1525649_10203724853056695_2215044886545220978_n

When Patrick did come back at the end of September, we had to find somewhere to live in Logan for the two months before I graduate from USU. No one will rent to you for two months. So, the logical solution of course, was to crash the newlywed’s apartment.

jeff and kaela

Just look at this good-lookin couple. The Lunt family (Jeff and Kaela) welcomed us into their home with open arms… Well, after we begged them desperately to let us stay with them… 😉 We make a great little family of four.

So, we live with the Lunts Monday-Thursday, then we go play on the weekends. Here are a few highlights from the past couple of months:

Jeep camping up above Alta with my brother, sis-in-law and the Knight family. Great times.


Backpacking to Lake Blanche and experiencing a torrential rainstorm in our tent. (That explains the lovely looking hair-doo that’s going on here. This pic was unfortunately taken on day two of our overnight excursion.)

*Note to self: (learned the hard way of course) When camping in rain and wind, don’t forget the tent stakes. Or the rain cover. Oops.

Regardless of our sogginess, it was so nice to get out and hike. The leaves were PRIME and I feel like we appreciate the mountains SO much more after living in Cali for the summer…

pat n me

Pat, my brother-in-law and I went to Red Bull Rampage! If you don’t know what this is, here’s a quick run-down. Basically, a bunch of people (the kind who haven’t showered in three weeks and have beard-growing competitions) head to Virgin, Utah, to watch pro mountain bikers do superhuman things. They ride down basically vertical terrain and throw backflips over 70-foot canyon gaps. C-R-A-Z-Y. I covered the event for KSL, so I got to interview some of the athletes. Here’s the article I wrote on it if you have nothing better to do with your time…I’m assuming if you’re still reading this post, then that’s the case. 🙂

red bull rampage

“The Squeeze” was one of the cooler hikes I’ve done in my 21 years. Basically it’s a giant slot that weaves its way down through a beautiful sandstone canyon. There were pools of (freezing cold) water that we jumped in and swam through. Some we rappelled into. It was a crazy, cold and very memorable adventure…especially because of that mustache. 😉

the squeeze

the squueze

Lake Powell with the crew. Nuff said.

lake powell

I was lucky enough to be a bridesmaid for this beautiful bride. Missy and Taylor’s wedding was soooo super darling. I got to film it too, so stay tuned for the vid. Love you Mrs. Groom!

missy wedding

Aaaand, the Harry Potter party at my parent’s house. Epic. I wish I had photos that did this party justice. The decorations were out of this world (literally). Way to go Beth and Andrew.


It’s been a fun few weeks, and it’s just begun! Next up: Tiny Home update. (coming soon! )