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San Clemente


San Clemente…

When Patrick told me in April that we’d be moving to California for the summer, my first thought was, well why not? I really didn’t have any hesitations. For some reason, packing up and moving 707 miles away to a place where I knew literally NO ONE just seemed like a grand idea.

It’s been two months since we moved here, and wow, it’s been a crazy adventure to say the least. (Stay tuned for an upcoming post “Flossing the Sky,” which will hopefully portray the craziness in it’s entirety…)

I recognize the fact that really, no one cares about what I ate for lunch, where I hiked the other day or what I’m doing here in SC. So this post is mainly meant for me to remember my time here. You know, something to show my kid in 20 years. With that said, here’s some highlights of SC so far.


This is the view from the balcony where we’re living. Not so bad. 🙂


Speaking of where we’re staying, our “home” has been an adventure in itself.

Meet Hika and Dutch–our roommates. We’re renting a room from a lady who owns two rottweilers and two cats. Let’s just say, things are really furry around here…


This is what happens when I try to cook. Um, ya those dogs weigh more than I do. Luckily we’re friends now because I throw them pieces of chicken when I’m making dinner. Believe me, you do not want to get on their bad side…sacrificing my chicken is a small price to pay…


This is the view from a trail near our house. I went for a run on it the first day we got here and had an unfortunate mishap with an angry mother coyote. I haven’t been back since. Eeeek time to get back on the horse?


It turns out one of our friends, McCall, is doing an internship here for a few months! So we’ve had a great time hanging out with her. I guess my claim that I was coming here not knowing anyone was a little bit of a lie. Oops.

One morning we decided to go hiking. Bahahaha yeah, “hiking” in Southern California is comical compared to our dense, green, foresty hikes in Utah. This was more of a stroll through the desert accompanied by a lot of dead-looking sagebrush.


Tin foil dinners on the beach! We met some fantastic characters that night and received wise advice from a random guy who we think had one too many that night… “Don’t name your son Collin. I was calling someone on the phone and my friend said, ‘who you Collin?'”


Ruby, Parker and Mason. I’ve fallin in love with these little chidlets. They’re the three youngest of a family of six kids who I’ve been nannying since we got here. Seriously, I LOVE them.

Ruby costcocart

This is what happens when you go shopping for a family of eight…

bigtreefinal sailboats


I can’t believe it’s already been two months. Time has gone way too fast. I only have a little over a month left to enjoy this beautiful, crowded, dry, place until I move back to the 801. It’s been an awesome adventure and I’m grateful for all the experiences we’re having here.




Sarah and Carlos Wedding

This was the first wedding video I’ve done flying solo, meaning without the help of my extremely talented husband. I’m just lucky that Sarah and Carlos agreed to let me share their special day. It was a beautiful wedding, and they are a fabulous couple. Love you Sar and I wish both you and Carlos the happiest of marriages!