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Tiny Homing Part 2: And so it goes.


A couple months ago, Patrick found out he got a short-term job as a graphic designer at Powder Magazine! This incredible opportunity meant a few things for us.

1) Pat would get his “dream job” for a few months.

2) I’d have to turn down my summer internship at Salt Lake Magazine.

3) We’d be moving to the beach for the summer!

4) Our plans for building our Tiny Home would have to be sped up, like a lot.

Our Tiny Home was going to be built in about 3 months. Now, we would have one month. Which happened to be the month where my parents threw a giant wedding in their yard for my brother. Come on Andrew, not the most convenient time to get married! Right in the middle of our tiny homing. 🙂

We pushed hard. I’ll admit, the word obsession would be a good one to describe our feelings toward that little home of ours. We were out there from the moment our heads popped off our pillows to after dark when the neighbors started wondering about the nail-gun sounds coming from the Menlove’s backyard…

photo 3

Luckily, we had lots of help from our family. Sweet Ronnie and Lisa (Pat’s parents) put in some solid hours helping us. Lisa and I were the master tilers…check out the shower we tiled together!

photo 1 copy

photo 4 copy


Below is a pic of my father-in-law Ronnie. Let me just say, he’s a whiz with the tile saw.


My sister-in-law Whitney even showed up twice to help! Thank you, thank you.

56 copy

And of course, Papa D’s never-ending dedication, and Momma Lurdie’s support/helping hand.



But even with our relentless work, June 1 came, and we were barely finishing the woodwork. For those who may be unfamiliar with the world of construction, let me explain. Basically, we did all the hard work….the framing, the roofing, the lifting heavy plywood sheets, the insulating, the wiring, the plumbing, etc. And then we had to leave before we got to the “fun” stuff. The painting, the decorating, the taking pictures of how cute our finished Tiny Home was…

565 copy

5 copy copy

Saying goodbye to the fam was ok. But pathetically enough, I actually had tears in my eyes when we took one last picture in front of our Tiny Home. I felt like I was abandoning our child…OK, yes, maybe a little dramatic.


We’re passing our Tiny Home to my Dad now. Papa D will have to finish it up without us. We’re excited to come back and see how the last finishing touches came together! Luckily, Momma Lurdie and I snuck away one morning and embarked through the maze of IKEA, so I got to pick out the furnishings. Hopefully it’ll all come together like I imagined it…


I am fully aware that (below) picture is kind of terrifying. My legs look three miles long, my face is doing something creepy, and yes, that is the aisle of IKEA completely covered by the sofa couch that I folded out. Needless to say, I got some weird looks.  But, those things have to be tested. NO one wants an uncomfortable sofa couch. It’s hard enough that your friends take the bed and designate you as the couch sleeper…


Turns out, I approved of the couch, and we made a nice purchase in the form of a GIANT cardboard box. You should have seen Lurdie and I trying to get that thing onto our cart. Pure entertainment…


And now, it’s on to a new beginning. Just me, my hubby, and our UHAUL trailer! San Clemente here we come. We’re so excited for the adventures we have ahead of us, even if it means leaving our Tiny Home behind.

Adventure is out there.

photo 1