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The Tiny Home

A few months back, Patrick and I were innocently scrolling through Facebook when we saw a post about this thing called a Tiny Home...from the name, it’s kind of self explanatory, but just in case you don’t get it: these are little tiny homes built on a trailer. People are living in them all over the country. Here’s an example I pulled from Google so you have an image of what I’m talking about here:


Just for fun, Patrick and I started thinking about building one of these tiny homes. We joked about what kind of style we’d build our tiny home, what tile we’d use for the bathroom, how we’d decorate the kitchen…but that’s just it. It was a joke. Just an idea. We never meant it to actually happen.

But with Papa D. around, we should have known better. (My Dad Drew has been a general contractor for years…) One day at the dinner table, we threw out the idea, meaning for it to be tossed around and forgotten like any other dinner table topic. But Papa D. wouldn’t have it. He immediately began drawing plans for the tiny bathroom, which would be connected to the tiny kitchen/living area, which would be below the tiny loft with the tiny bed. And just like that our brain baby turned into a real project.

We started with a trailer.

The Trailer

We insulated the bottom of it using foam board so it will be a warm and cushioned home.

Insulation      4

Next came the framing. Here is cute Papa D. in his red hat and my handsome husband Pat. Let me just saw, they make a great team.

Frame it

We decided to build a little bay window on the front, which will be covered by an awning. It will go perfectly with the theme of our tiny home: beach style. Eeeewh cute! It’ll have pearly white doors and walls accented by pops of colors. At least, that’s the vision I have. We’ll see how it actually turns out.

photo 4 copy 3

Above is us framing the bay window and below is Papa D. building the roof.

drew bear

drew roof

It’s actually going to be a pretty tall and spacious little tiny home…there will be a bathroom in the very front, complete with a shower, toilet and small closet.

The kitchen will be in the back of the trailer. It’s connected to a small living area that will have a couch and TV. The bed is upstairs in a loft, accessed only by a sliding ladder.

Here’s my handy husband installing windows. Apparently it was bright that day. What a gem.

windows copy

Let me just be the first to say that this picture of me is kind of terrifying. But, I just had to include it because I’ll admit I’m proud of my power-tool skills. This was the first time I’d used a skill saw, and goodness that line I cut from the plywood was DANG straight.

The skill saw

Some notes to anyone who ever uses construction adhesive:
1. It causes cancer. (My hypochondriac self should never read warning labels…)
2. Don’t be hard on yourself if you glue like a four-year-old. That glue gun is harder to use than you’d think. After watching my shaking hand and squiggly lines, Papa D. actually asked me if I had Parkinson’s Disease. Yes, my own father…

the glue gun

There’s nothing more attractive than a man with a gun…

Pat with the gun

We’ve spent the last few weeks working on the tiny home in between summer craziness, trips to Southern Utah and wedding prep (my brother got married last week to one of my best friends!) We’re trying to get the tiny home finished before we move to California June first. It’s been a lot of work, and we have a long way to go, but it’s going to be adorable. It’s been such a fun project to work on with my dad and husband. Hopefully things will continue to progress and before long, we’ll have a completed beach-style tiny home to call our own!

the home copy

Happy Mother’s Day with a nutella french toast treat

Ok so your first assignment is to watch this video. It’s a treat you don’t want to miss.

To all those moms out there, Happy Mother’s Day! But to my mom in particular: thanks for being my mom and my best friend.

mom and me 2

We’ve come a long way together….it started 21 years ago with the arrival of the “Michelin Man.” You know you’ve found a dedicated mom when she happily cleans corn out of her baby’s chubby neck rolls…yes, yes, Michelin Man fortunately grew out of that.

Eventually we moved on to playing dolls together, visiting the zoo and riding the bus to no where in particular. Too soon for you I’m sure, you were taking pictures of me and my date, as I went to prom, and then graduated from high school.


You were so nice to help me move to college….and then last summer you became my wedding planner…you always had a talent for planning parties. You helped make that day an unforgettable highlight of my life.

IMG_9978 IMG_0122

So sorry Kag for posting this pic with your droopy eyes. It’s the only one I could find. You’re still beautiful. 🙂

Lurdie Loo, you have turned me into the person I am today. You are why I love to cook, love to dance, love to write. Because you’re the one who encouraged me all these years to keep at it, to never give up. You taught me that I’m a daughter of God who has an important place in this world.

lurdie and me

Even this fuzzy picture doesn’t take away from our matchy-matchy cuteness. Adorbs.

Thanks for everything mom. I love you!

And now, for a special Mother’s Day treat…

Strawberry-and-Nutella-stuffed French toast

the ingredients

egg bath

on the griddle


from above


  • 3 pieces of heart-shaped bread (you can use a large heart-shaped cookie cutter, or just carve a heart into the bread with a knife.)
  • 2 eggs
  • ½ cup milk
  • ¼ tsp vanilla
  • ¼ tsp cinnamon
  • about 4 large strawberries
  • salted butter
  • 2 T Nutella
  • 2 T whipped cream
  • extra cinnamon to sprinkle on top


  1. Cut the bread slices into heart shapes.
  2. In a bowl, whisk together eggs, milk, vanilla and cinnamon.
  3. Place some butter on a skillet and heat to medium-high heat, allowing the butter to melt.
  4. Lightly dip the bread into the bowl and allow it to soak in the batter.
  5. Place the bread on the skillet and allow to cook until a light brown color. Flip and allow the other side to cook.
  6. Once both sides are cooked, remove bread pieces from the skillet and allow to cool slightly.
  7. Spread half of the Nutella on the first heart-shaped bread and top with sliced strawberries. Spoon some whipped cream onto the strawberries and cover with the second heart-shaped bread.
  8. Spread the rest of the Nutella on the stack, and place the rest of the strawberries into the Nutella.
  9. Place the third heart-shaped bread on top of the stack and top with the rest of the whipped cream. Sprinkle with cinnamon.

*Note: For a smaller version, use only two slices of bread and half of the Nutella and whipped cream.

side view