queso and pups

Ok it’s decided. I nominate my husband for “best husband of the year…” award.


I’m sure every newly-wedded wife would say the same thing about her own husband. But really, I don’t know many men who could top the date night Patrick planned for us.

Two words: puppy and cheese.

Our night started off with a tour of Gossner Food’s cheese factory. It turned out to be an accident that we got a full back-stage tour complete with unlimited souvenirs at the end…I was suppose to photograph the factory for a school project I’m working on. And botta-bing, botta-boom. We ended up getting a tour of the entire factory. The best part came at the end in a form of two empty plastic bags. Tyler, our tour guide and now my best friend, said these exact words, “Load up. It’s on the house.”


Pat and I stood there in shock like we’d just witnessed a miracle. Let’s just say, our bags weren’t light as we walked out of that blessed building. Cheeeese for days!!!


After a delicious dinner at Texas Roadhouse…those rolls…We went home for the best part of the night. This part was suppose to be a surprise. Unfortunately for Pat, he married an extremely snoopy wife who happened to see his email labeled: puppy rental confirmation. Yes, that’s right. Patrick rented us a puppy for the night!


His name is Emmet. Sure, he’s a little scrawny. Yes, he pooped on the floor and peed on Pat’s new shirt…But that little pup was a fiery ball of energy and the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen. We rented him for two hours, and by the end he was exhausted. Turns out running back and forth in a little apartment for an hour and a half straight even wears out a puppy. Renting Emmet was a dangerous thing. Pat spent the rest of the night youtubing puppies and I found KSL open on his computer to the puppies for sale section…

me patnpup


If you’d like to rent a puppy, check it out here!

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