Monthly Archives: December 2013


A complete transformation.

That’s the best way to describe what happened to the basement apartment of our four-plex. I don’t think I’ve ever worked so hard for so long on a single project. And after five months of hard, hard work….


It was a long process . Every night after finishing school, work and homework, we headed to the four-plex to tear down ceilings, insulate new walls, mud, paint, tile….a never-ending list of obligations.

But, after all these months of hard work, it’s finally finished.

This was the kitchen.


Five months later…


Here is what the bathroom looked like. GRUB. I won’t even begin to describe what it smelled like. I’ll leave that up to your imagination…


My hardworking husband had a battle with the shower. It didn’t exactly want to be installed in that bathroom.

On a side note…just check out that BEARD.


His hard work payed off.


This is me looking a little distressed. At this point of the project, I was very good friends with the drill. However, sometimes we just don’t get along. I was given the job of installing the toilet-paper dispenser, which is actually much harder than you’d imagine.

photo 2

You can tell by the look on my face that things got a little heated between me and that drill.

photo 1

So, I have some advice for any floor-grouting amateurs out there. Wear. Rubber. Gloves. You’ll notice those adorable fabric gloves I’m wearing are soaked through with grout-liquid. The grout loves creeping into every crevice of your fingers, eating away your skin. Yuck. My fingers were stained black for days.


And here she blows in her full blazin glory. Finished.


I’ve never experienced such a strong sense of accomplishment. Over these past few months, I’ve learned some valuable lessons. I’ve learned that sometimes life requires hard, relentless work. I’ve also learned more than I ever wanted to know about building a house.

But I’ve also learned that life takes a lot of patience, and that is an attribute that I, unfortunately, lack. But just like this apartment was changed into something new, people can change…and for me, that could mean becoming a patient and uncomplaining human.

Over time, people are hammered down by the difficult times. After trials have torn them to the ground, they are rebuilt into something even stronger than before.

A complete transformation.