Amsterdam. The city of prostitutes, bikes, canals and marijuana.

What a great place.

We arrived in the city late Friday night and were greeted by pouring rain. Attempting to navigate the tram system was hard enough, then add the weight of our 50-pound luggage which we had to pull through muddy alleyways and cobblestone streets…finding our apartment was quite the journey. But, we finally found it—a little apartment along a canal owned by two very nice men—Marc and Won. They’ve done a great job decorating the place. There are Buddhist shrines all over and they burn incense in the bathroom. All in all, a great place to stay.

We woke up Saturday morning and moseyed our way to the central train station, taking in the city along the way. Everyone rides bikes everywhere. Canals cut through the cobblestone streets which all look identical, so it’s basically impossible to get anywhere without getting lost at least once.


Highlights of our Amsterdam trip:

We rode bikes out to the countryside and found a cute lighthouse. The famous windmills were also adorable and definitely a highlight. It was nice to get out of the city crowds and explore the countryside.IMG_2540 IMG_2471

Marc and Won let Patrick borrow their bike…yes, that is a purple and pink saddle bag if you were wondering. However, my favorite part had to be either the rainbow-patterned seat cover or the Buddha stickers on the back wheel…it’s a toss up.DSCN3372

The red-light district was, well, WOW. Patrick and I spent a night wandering through the streets…it was fun and eye-opening to see what the night-life of Amsterdam is all about.

One day we took a walk through Vondel Park and laid down in some grass, on top of bird feathers and cigarette butts. Mmmm I love naps in the park.

IMG_2657 IMG_2652

Shopping the flea markets and renting motor-scooters were both highlights, as well as seeing the typical tourist sights like the Anne Frank House.

Amsterdam waffles. Do I need to say more? Let’s just say that we ate these waffles everyday for five days straight. The inside is gooey and warm and the outside is crispily carmelized with melty ice cream oozing down into the rivets of the waffle. Can you tell I have an unhealthy obsession with these beautiful creatures? Cause I most definitely do.

DSCN3375 DSCN3376

Maybe it’s a good thing we only spent a few days in Amsterdam or my hubby may have gotten jealous of my relationship with these waffles…nah just kidding, but really they are divine. 

We really enjoyed exploring Amsterdam. However by Tuesday, we were glad to get out of the city. It’s exhausting, crowded and dirty like any other city.IMG_2485

So, imagine the feeling we got when we arrived at the airport Tuesday night with all our luggage, waited in line to check in, handed over our passport, and the nice lady with the silky scarf tells us our flight is not until the next day at 9 PM….

After checking our hotel reservations we realized my dear hubby—bless his heart—booked all our flights a day later than the hotels. So…we had no place to stay that night in Amsterdam, the next in London, or the two nights we’d planned to stay in New York.

These are the times you really just have to laugh.

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