morning runs and matterhorns


I’ve found one of my favorite things in Switzerland is my morning runs through fields of wild flowers while the sun is just peaking over the mountains.
However this morning was different. I woke up early, pulled on my running clothes in the dark, and walked out the door.

Right into a wall of fog.

It was the kind of fog where you can’t see anything outside of the five-foot bubble of cloudiness surrounding you. I considered going back to bed but then I realized I have never run through a cloud before…

It was one of the best runs I’ve ever been on. It wasn’t raining but by the end I was soaked. As I ran through the cloud, the mist clung to my face and body with a refreshing tingle.

IMG_0169      IMG_0171

It was a great way to start my day.

We took a train to spend the day in Zermatt. It was an adorable little Swiss town that reminded me of Park City. The sky cleared up and we got a beautiful view of the top of the Matterhorn.


We had a few hours to explore the town and surrounding mountains. Patrick and I found a random trail and began following it up the side of a river. The trail wound up the mountainside in steep switchbacks. Eventually we got near the top of the mountainside and came to a bridge with train tracks running across it. On one side of the bridge was a gushing waterfall, and on the other, a breathtaking view of the Matterhorn.

We climbed down underneath the bridge and hung out in the criss-crossing metal of the bridge supporters…a hundred-foot drop right below our feet. Let’s just say when the train rumbled by over our heads, it felt like we were in the middle of an earthquake.
It was a fun adventure! And despite the crazy-high drop underneath us, we managed to get away with no casualties besides the grease stains on my white shorts…

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