chocolate food babies

It’s been a little while since I last posted. We’ve just been too busy! But here are a few of the highlights from the last week…

We went to Bern for a day and rented bikes to ride around the city…we rode to a beautiful lookout spot and found a garden of roses. Gorgeous.


We took a gondola ride to the top of the Eggishorn and had a gorgeous view of the Aletsch glacier.


We went to the Vitra Design Museum…it’s filled with incredible and very innovative, unique furniture. Unfortunately I now have a Christmas wish-list that would total the price of a brand new car…European taste in furniture is apparently kind of expensive.

DSCN3062 DSCN3050 DSCN3055DSCN3068

We took a tour of the Cailler Chocolate Factory which included an all-you-can-eat feast of chocolate goodness at the end. Can you say food BABY?!


We went to Vevey and found a giant fork in the water. Yes, a giant fork in the water. Who woulda thought?


And we enjoyed a tour of the Spiez and Oberhofen castles…they looked like scenes from a fairytale. 

It’s been an incredible week and we still have two weeks left to enjoy this beautiful place!

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