castles and karate

Traveling in Europe brings all sorts of surprises.


Yesterday we were at the train station when I realized I needed to find a WC (water closet) ASAP. I turned around and saw a woman walking out of a bathroom holding her son’s hand. I walked right in to the bathroom, and noticed the row of urinals along the wall. I thought it was a little strange, but we’re in Europe. Who knows, maybe unisex bathrooms are the norm in European train stations.

I proceeded to take care of business, and as I was washing my hands a man walked in. After giving me a strange look, he turned to the urinals and dropped his pants.

When I walked out of the bathroom, I got a weird look from one of my classmates as he walked in past me.  I turned around and saw the very obvious picture of a MAN on the door of the bathroom I had just used.

Yes, I shamelessly used the men’s bathroom.

We’ve been traveling all around Switzerland. We’ve visited all sorts of interesting places from quaint Swiss towns to busy cities. We’ve seen too many castles to count, and we’ve witnessed multiple herds of cows adorned with giant bells crossing the roads.


At one castle we found the sacrificial rock where human sacrifices were offered in the Middle Ages…

And, of course, we’ve found a few epic locations for karate kicks…
IMG_2014 IMG_2019
IMG_2170 IMG_2176
IMG_2146 IMG_2145

On Saturday we traveled to Sion and had a private organ concert in a church. It is apparently the oldest functioning organ in the world. I’ll admit it sounded a bit rusty, but it was still a beautiful experience.


We really can’t complain. A month-long European honeymoon/study abroad ain’t bad…

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