lake como by moto

Today we rented motos (Vespa scooters) and cruised the shores of Lake Como all day. We discovered that motos are the way to truly see what Lake Como has to offer…

We turned off random roads to explore. We found old abandoned churches, cozy stone homes from hundreds of years ago, flower-filled cemeteries and beautiful lake-side villages. We stopped in one adorable little village for pizza and gelato. The gelato thing is becoming an addiction…


(this is the “sacrificial stone” we found at an old abandoned church)
IMG_1893 IMG_1897

At one point we found a trail that led all the way up the mountain. We followed it quite a ways up, and would have continued, however the baby tires on our poor scooter were not made for that kind of adventure.

Regardless, it was a magnificio day. We had a few close calls, but that’s to be expected when driving with those crazy Italians.



For dinner we bought lettuce for a salad from the supermercato and warmed up the leftover pizza we had kept from yesterday. I sort of felt like I was eating a dear friend, after all we’d been through together the day before…   

Tonight is our last night in this beautiful country of Italy. Tomorrow we train to Switzerland, and begin a whole new adventure. Ciao Italia!


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