How it all began…

This post is for all those girls out there who may be struggling to make the decision I struggled to make. I was 19. I was young, single, free and just finishing up my freshman year of college. Then I met Patrick.

And everything changed.

I don’t believe in love at first sight. Nope. That stuff is for the movies. That being said, I definitely do believe in like at first sight. When I first saw Patrick walking across campus, I immediately liked him. Well, if it’s possible to like someone without having ever talked to them. I guess something about those big brown eyes or that scruffy beard just got to me.

Fast forward a few months. It was finals week and I should have been studying. But when you think you’re in love with a boy, you really don’t do what you should be doing. Instead you stay up till three in the morning watching Tremors 1, 2, 3 and 4 with him…(if you don’t know what I’m talking about it’s time for you to consult Netflix.) You skip the last day of class because you’re too tired from star gazing in a canoe the night before. You feel strangely giddy and you wish you could stop smiling because your mouth is tired from it.

I really don’t know how it all happened so fast. I’d never told a boy I loved him. In fact, I had told myself that I probably never would–well, at least for another decade–because I had an extremely long “to-do” filled with items to check off before I got married and settled down. I’ll admit I was possibly infected with “independenitits.” (the obsessive need to go study abroad in Europe, teach English to orphaned African children, go to every single college football game, date every cute boy in sight and live the typical “college life.”)

I think a little bit of Vitamin P was all I needed to begin my recovery from this infectious disease. Before I knew it, Patrick and I were dating.

And things were getting serious.


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